IH Sofia Language Centre Unveils New Website

юли 27, 2016

International House Sofia are happy to share with you their new website: www.ihsofia.bg

It is highly informative, functional and user-friendly. It contains detailed information about the different language courses with qualified native speaker teachers that they offer in the ‘Courses’ section. You can learn more about them; meet their IH Sofia staff and experienced teachers in the ‘About us’ section.

The ‘My course’ page announces all school events, initiatives, promotions, hot offers and useful tips for the students.

Their ‘Partners’ section presents all companies that they partner with successfully, covering state schools, bookstores, IT companies, media and many more..

Check their schools at the ‘Contacts’ page, where you will find location maps and real photos of their two languages centres in Sofia.

For the last three years, English Language Centre has been partnering successfully with IH Sofia. They offer high quality and great value for money.

Enjoy their new website – www.ihsofia.bg


IHWO Inter-school newsletter

July, 2016

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