Безплатен тест по английски език за определяне на ниво

Добре дошли,

След попълване на теста ще получите резултатите си на посочения имейл адрес.

Тестът отнема около 30 мин, съдържа 40 въпроса и определя нивото Ви между A0 и C1.

На всяка следваща страница въпросите стават все по-трудни, но не се отказвайте! Попълването на теста до края ще даде най-точни резултати за определяне на нивото Ви.


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Mark the answers.  There is only one answer per question.

You have 30 minutes to answer questions 1- 40

Where were you yesterday?
______? No, it's my cousin Jack's.
My father is ______ yours.
Who cooks at your house?
Catherine ______ to the hospital to visit her cousin
We ______ with them just last night.
______ medicine for your cold?
There are ______ hotels in the desert
Is it hot or cold in August?
Do you brush your teeth after every meal?

Mark the answers.  There is only one answer per question.

Are you the president of this company? No, ______
Aren't they coming with us to the party?
The number of car accidents this year means we _____ to be careful on the roads.
Which books are yours: these or those?
The glass ______ water is on the table
We are going to a party at the Ivanov’s house. ______ house is on Gladstone Street.
How much is a plane ticket to Istanbul?
Peter, you can have ice cream ______ you eat your dinner
______ the answer? Yes, the answer is twenty eight.
______ your new job?

Mark the answers.  There is only one answer per question.

Anna told me a very ______ story
After many attempts, she finally ______ to pass her exam.
You should pass your exam _____ you study hard.
By the time the football team reached the final they were playing on top ______.
I’d be very ______ in seeing the new Harry Potter film next week.
The Pirin mountains are more beautiful than most people ______.
That penknife will come in _____ when we repair the door.
Before he left the office his wife asked him to _____ up their son from school.
______ it was raining, we still played tennis.
The 14.30 train to Varna is …..….. by 20 minutes.

Mark the answers.  There is only one answer per question.

I’m planning .……. my aunt this weekend.
_____ I was at the Black sea this summer, I saw thousands of tourists.
Stop _____ stones at the dogs!
How much is the air ______ to Bourgas?
He was ______ up in America by his grandparents.
Vassil gave _____ smoking when he was thirty-two.
The film was so ______ I fell asleep in the middle of it.
Computers have ______ the workplace.
When the trail went dead the police _____ the chase.
The increase in the earth’s temperature ______ the need to think more ecologically.