150 акронима в английския език

април 09, 2015

Случвало ли ви пишете на английски език с приятел във Facebook, Skype или на друго място и изведнъж да започнете да виждате странни за вас акроними от приятел, без да знаете какво означават?

Е, вече не трябва да се притеснявате, защото пред вас е завършеният списък с най-популярните и широко използвани акроними на английски език в Интернет.


AAMOF = As a matter of fact

ABT = About

ADN = Any day now

AFK = Away from keyboard

AISI = As I see it

AIUI = As I understand it

AKA = Also known as

ASAP = As soon as possible

A/S/L = Age/sex/location

ATM = At this moment

AWA = As well as

B4 = Before

BAC = Back at computer

BBL = Be back later

BBS = Be back soon

BC = Be cool

B/C = Because

B/F = Boyfriend

BM = Bite me

BKA = Better known as

BOB = Back off bastard

BOL = Be on later

BOT = Back on topic

BRB = Be right back

BTA = But then again

BTW = By the way

CAD = Ctrl-alt-delete

CFY = Calling for you

CO = Conference

CTS = Changing the subject

CU = See you

CU2 = See you too

CUL = See you later

CYA = See ya

DIY = Do it yourself

DL = Download

DND = Do not disturb

DYK = Do you know

EAK = Eating at keyboard

EMSG = Email message

EOD = End of discussion

EOF = End of file

EOM = End of message

EOS = End of story

EOT = End of thread
F = Female

F2F = Face to face

FAQ = Frequently asked questions

FOAF = Friend of a friend

FOCL = Falling of chair laughing

FOFL = Falling on the floor laughing

FOS = Freedom of speech

FYEO = For your eyes only

FYI = For your information

G2B = Going to bed

GA = Good afternoon

GAL = Get a life

GBH = Great big hug

GBY = God bless you

GE = Good evening

GF = Girlfriend

GFU = Good for you

GG = Good game

GGU2 = Good game you two

GJ = Good job

GL = Good luck

GM = Good morning / good match

GN = Good night

GR8 = Great

GtG = Got to go

GTSY = Glad to see you

H = Hug

H&K = Hug and kiss

HAGD = Have a good day

HAGN = Have a good night

HAND = Have a nice day

HF = Have fun

HSIK = How should i know

IC = I see

IDC = I don’t care

IDI = I doubt it

IDK = I don’t know

IHY = I hate you

ILY = I love you

IMO = In my opinion

IS = I’m sorry

JAM = Just a minute

JAS = Just a second

JIC = Just in case

JP = Just playing

JW = Just wondering

K = OK

L8R = Later

LAM = Leave a message

LNK = Love and kisses

LMA = Leave me alone

LMAO = Laughing my ass off

MBO = Laughing my butt off

LMHO = Laughing my head off

LOL = Laughing out loud

LOOL = Laughing out outrageously loud

LY = Love ya

MB = Maybe

M8 = Mate

N = In

N2M = Not too much

N/C = Not cool

NE1 = Anyone

NM = Never mind

NP = No problem

NVM = Nevermind

OBTW = Oh, by the way

OIC = Oh, I see

OMG = Oh my god

OT = Off topic

PLZ = Please

PM = Private message

POOF = I have left the chat

PPL = People

PS = Post script

Q4U = Question for you

QSL = Reply

QSO = Conversation

QT = Cutie

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my ass off

ROFLOLWTIME= Rolling on floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes

ROFLOLUTS = Rolling on floor laughing out loud unable to speak

S2R = Send to receive

SRY = Sorry

SYS = See you soon

TA = Thanks again

TCO = Taken care of

THX = Thanks

TIA = Thanks in advance

TMI = To much information

U2 = You too

UW = You’re welcome

W8 = Wait

W8AM = Wait a minute

WAY = What about you

WE = Whatever

WP = Wrong person

WRT = With respect to

WTH = What the heck?

Y = Why?

Y2K = You’ too kind

YM = You mean

YW = You’re welcome

Имате ли любим английски акроним?

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